California Protective Services is California Residents' and Legal Professionals' first real answer to private investigation We provide private investigations and security contracted services.


How did CPS start?


 It began with the retirement of Robert "The Moose" Miller a former Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI. In 1990 Bob had opened a small boutique called MIG, Miller Investigative Group. In 1992, Bob took on Pat Potter a young ambitious entrepreneur who helped grow and transform MIG into a thriving competitor in the private investigative sector that is today. In 2000, Bob suddenly passed away from failing health. Pat Potter was left to manage and continue to operate the firm. With the help of Stephen Shiratis owner of Security Force Unlimited, Pat Potter was able to finish the transformation he and Bob envisioned which is now called California Protective Services.


California Protective Services has several areas of expertise, which, because of the individuals who make up the branch offices, can provide services that make CPS a stand-alone in this sector. These areas of assistance are specialized and limited to advisory.


CPS prides itself on our internal Anti-Fraud Policy and FCPA Compliance. See the drop down menu under About for Compliance Policies.



Private Investigative Licensure:


California Protective Services is a fully Licensed and Insured Private Investigation Firm. Our "Investigators" either possess their own License or are exempt from licensure. Below is The State of California's Exemption List of services that do not require licensure.


Many of the services we provide are exempt from licensure under B&P Code 7522.


• Public Records Searches

• Financial Due Diligence

• Pre-Litigation Prep

• Case Research and Document Management

• Process Service

• Insurance Claim Adjuster Investigations

• Asset Management and Asset Recovery


* California: Business and Professions Code 7522 exempt from licensure. (c) A person engaged exclusively in the business of obtaining and furnishing information as to the financial rating of persons. (e) An attorney at law in performing his or her duties as an attorney at law. (f) Admitted insurers and agents and insurance brokers licensed by the state, performing duties in connection with insurance transacted by them. (g) Any bank subject to the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions of the State of California under Division 1 (commencing with Section 99) of the Financial Code or the Comptroller of Currency of the United States. (h) A person engaged solely in the business of securing information about persons or property from public records. (j) A licensed insurance adjuster in performing his or her duties within the scope of his or her license as an insurance adjuster. (k) Any savings association subject to the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions or the Office of Thrift Supervision. (l) Any secured creditor engaged in the repossession of the creditor's collateral and any lessor engaged in the repossession of leased property in which it claims an interest. (m) The act of serving process by an individual who is registered as a process server pursuant to Section 22350.