We are professionals at finding the solution to any problem. Whether it was an infidelity, indiscretion, or an embarrassing situation, perhaps an email that should never have been sent, or was sent to the wrong person. No matter the situation it’s about protecting your reputation. We approach crisis management from two perspectives. The first perspective is the reasonable rational human approach. The second is the linear left-brain approach. Guided by ISO 31000 Risk Management principles, we begin to develop a framework for dealing with a crisis. From this framework comes our strategy. No two situations are a like, albeit similar, but always different. Which means that despite our success in past situations, we are better to approach a new crisis humbly and without hubris. No detail, goes accounted for. Our goal is to mitigate the damages. To find the solution to the problem, and sometimes the solution requires the long play, vs the short one and some situations the other way round. Sometimes the solutions are simple and other times they are complex and require more than just ingenuity.

Crisis's take on so many different forms for each person. What is a crisis to one maybe not be to another. But lets identify some crisis's we've worked in the past.


Corporate Take Overs


Wrongful Death

Public Relations
War / Terrorism
Employment Strikes
Law Suits
Divorce & Custody
Kidnap & Ransom
Extortion / Blackmail
Corporate Espionage

Sex Crimes




The crisis doesn't matter finding a lawful, strategy following by a well executed plan is what makes the difference.