California Protective Services IT Investigators bring over two decades of insight into the cyber-criminal mind & analysis, focused on both Personal and Corporate Information Security. We are experienced in mitigation of both internal and external IS threats, our IT Investigators possess an unique perspective on potential cyber-attack vectors and can creative solutions as its occurring. Prior to joining California Protective Services Cyber/IT Investigations Unit, every IT Investigator has either served as an IT Director, Government Contractor, a former Special Agent of the Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, and/or has extensive experience providing the best practices including Network & Systems Administration, initiative development, and project management.


Our IT Security Investigators are skilled in threat assessment, employee monitoring, and digital forensics, as well as detecting and addressing corporate espionage & social engineering. Our counter espionage work is limited to corporate engagements but also we work within many industries including the medical and entertainment fields. Our first hand experience has given our IT Security Investigators vital knowledge of U.S. Federal regulatory compliance for electronic information exchange, which gives us the ability to interpret policy and procedure advisement applicable to any industry.

Additionally, we work closely with general counsel, senior executives, outside counsel at each stage to  assure our clients objectives are met. If requested, we can assemble a case file for referral to a regulator or law enforcement agency or serve as expert witnesses.


A few areas where we can be of assistance.


• Cyber Bullying

• Network Intrusions

• DDns Attacks

• Vulnerability Testing

• Forensic Evidence Retrieval

• Cyber Eaves Dropping

• Cyber Stalking

• Cyber Hacking and Cracking

• Data Breaches

• Cyber Fraud