In a world of victimization the investigation of rape, child molestation, child abuse, and domestic violence are the highest unreported acts. They require a special type of investigator and here at California Protective Services we offer this service to our clients.


The mission of our Special Victims Section is to thoroughly investigate complaints of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence within the family unit, and crimes against the elderly. The investigation of child sexual and physical abuse is one of the missions of the Special Victims Section. We believe it is our civic duty to provide assistance to the Federal task force on child exploitation. 


The investigation of child abuse cases is highly specialized. Our investigators are retired Juvenile Detectives or former Investigators of Child Protective Services and are recognized experts in the interviewing of child victims, as well as adult and elderly victims. Child abuse investigators participate in multi-discipline child abuse management methodologies. Special Victims Section agents are often used as expert witnesses and can also refer cases to local law enforcement for prosecution.