SURVEILLANCE: Dyamic and Static

Surveillance is a perishable skill. Any practitioner will tell you that unless you are working surveillance operations on a weekly basis, your skill set becomes more perishable by the week. At California Protective Services we operate one of the highest trained tactical surveillance units in the state. Our surveillance operators are the industry equivalent to the revered Special Surveillance Group of the FBI. Many of our surveillance operators are former FBI-SSG Investigative Specialists, Special Agents of the DEA Diversion Team, former U.S. Military SF HUMINT Teams, and former members of the Los Angeles Police Department's - (SIS) Special Investigation Section.

When we are hired to conduct a surveillance operation no matter how small or complex, we are responsible for all aspects of the surveillance operations: from planning through execution, we're responsible for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence data gathered during surveillance operations. The case manager assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, time constraints, selective consideration of the difficulty and requirements of the assignment.

Surveillance is not an inexpensive operation to conduct. Although, every single client who has used our surveillance team has been thoroughly satisfied with our results. In cases with smaller surveillance budgets,  we use surveillance as an adjunct investigation, for instance to a witness who provided evidence that may suggest a target's most vulnerable time to be watched. The point of surveillance is to obtain key intelligence regarding information necessary to confirm identity, physical well being, emotional stability, undiscovered assets, and criminal behavior, etc.

Our surveillance operations consist of two, three, four and as many as six members per target. We utilize rental cars, leased dedicated frequency radios, and time proven methods to observe targets undetected. This is especially important for targets that may be running counter-surveillance. Counter-surveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance. Our teams are deployable from any field office of CPS to any location nationwide or internationally through our partners at Potter&Co.